Keller is Coming to Town

My Nephew Keller is coming to Los Angeles on Thursday. He is 12 and he is also like... 8 feet tall. I'm just kidding but I'm pretty sure is at least 6 foot. For a 12 year old Keller is rockin the size 13s. I'm excited to see him. We didnt get a chance to go back east and see the whole family this Summer so it will be nice to at least spend time with Keller. My Brother is sending him out to California all by himself to get a personal Hollywood tour from Uncle Jim. Keller is apparently a movie fanatic so we will spend some time checking out secret movie locations. The house from the original NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET... maybe go see the Sunken City in San Pedro.... featured in THE BIG LEBOWSKI. There are so many more but I have to map everything out. The purpose of this trip is not necessarily to send Keller on a private getaway/vacay... I'm very busy these days so I'm going to put Keller to work. I have a big event in San Diego this weekend and I'm taking hi down there with me to work the 2015 UNLEASHED BY PETCO SURF DOG COMPETITION at Imperial Beach. We will go down Friday night and stay nearby so we can be up and ready to go first thing in the morning. This event starts pretty early. So Keller is going to be an official Brand Ambassador for "I and Love and You" Pet Care. So he will have to learn about our products.... a little bit anyway... its a lot to digest. I will also teach him how to use my cameras so he can get some really cool event photos and video. Once we wrap up the event in SD and we are packing up and hustling our asses back to Los Angeles to catch the 8{M showing of APOCALYPSE NOW at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I've never seen a movie there but they hold screening events there every Summer. Its a very popular event. On top of that... we are going spend some time at Venice Beach. We will to do some hiking. Try to get up to the Hollywood sign (And Beyond). Go eat at Roscoes Chicken and Waffles FOR SURE. Maybe PINKS Hot Dogs? Keller wrote a short script that is a commercial for the Apocalypse... so we will try to shoot that as well. AAAAND... I have another surprise that I think he will enjoy.

Anyway... it's going to be tons of fun.

Bring it on Keller. Hollywood awaits.


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