KELLER did something KEWL in SKEWL

Big UPS to my My little Eleven Year old Nephew, Keller.... and congratulations...


"THIS WEBSITE is my NHD project for 2013/14. It ties in with 'Rights and Responsibilities' because it discusses what rights kids have to watch certain PG-13 movies and what responsibilities parents have to make sure their child is watching appropriate content. It also has information about the rights and responsibilities of the association that rates movies. I chose this topic because it was a fun topic idea and the PG-13 rating movies vary. If you are wondering why I only did one rating it is because I am a one-man team and I wanted to explore one rating in depth."

Awesome job if I don't say so myself. One note though... what ge should have (COULD have) done was put an "About Me" section in there that shows a picture of him, a quick and easy bio and maybe what his favorite movies are... just a thought...  For example...

"Hi. My name is Keller Englebert Huffman. I like to dance, sing and climb things. I pick my nose occasionally and sometimes I forget to wear pants. I take my movies very seriously. Unless they are funny. Then I'll just laugh like everybody else. Some of my favorite films are FROZEN, BAD MILO, TROLLHUNTER and AIRPLANE. The picture here is me a few years back when I was wild and young. I'm much older and refined now."


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