It's Munn-Dayyy. I'm just sayin.


Raining in LA this morning. The Puppies are soaking wet. After a quick visit to the tub and a thorough towel-down. We're all good. Dy enough.

Now the puppies are playing roller derby. I'm siting on the couch trying to get some work done on my laptop and avoid incoming friendly fire, and spilling my coffee.

Meeting a few new actors today to finish up casting for "The Evidence Project," which is an educational/industrial film in the form of a courtroom drama. I'll be shooting this one at my NEW OFFICE this month. I recently became a tenant at 2000 Riverside Drive, which is about 3/4 of a mile down the street from where I live. I have a little hole in the wall office that I can call my own for a very small monthly fee. That very small monthly fee gives me access to a fully dressed mock courtroom in the basement, which I am very excited about. I really want to take advantage of the new space. I have one script right now... The Evidence Project... and I'm hoping for more.

Anybody out there need a court room exercise... lesson... hypothetical... on video? Let me know... I'm your man.

So we saw Iron Man 3 this weekend. Aside from Sir Ben Kingsley stealing the show, it was absolutely awful. I mean yes, millions and millions of dollars were spent of special digital and 3D effects... and it definitely shows. There is a lot of action and explosions and Iron Man war machines flying around and doing amazing things. But as a movie, as a film, with any sort decent story and compelling characters, Iron Man 3 is crap. What was I expecting?

I was expecting that with all the money and resources that they have to make a movie like this, they could spend a little extra time polishing up the script and pay more attention to some of the "human" details.

Has ANYBODY ever been to Tennessee? Does anybody realize that people in Tennessee have accents? Thick southern accents. This little kid... however bright and cute he may be... lives in some PO dunk town in TENNESSEE!! He would have a F%%% accent!!!! How hard is that? EVERY character in their fictitious little Tennessee town should have an accent. Drives me crazy.

Its like when they cast Jack Nicholson in The Departed. WHERE IS THE BOSTON ACCENT? The character was designed to resemble Whitey Bulger, who lived in South Boston. Most of those characters were from South Boston. ANYBODY ever been to South Boston? THICK THICK Boston accents... everyone... ESPECIALLY a crime lord like "Frank Costello." And this is the guy who Matt Damons character supposedly idolizes. Matt Damon plays "Colin Sullivan" and HE certainly has an accent. Don't you think if Colin would try to emulate everything about his idol and mentor? Oh.. whats that you say? Jack Nicholson can't DO a Boston accent? THEN F%%% HIM. CAST SOMEONE ELSE. That's pathetic if you are million dollar actor and you cant pull of a Boston accent.

Ok sorry, I went from Iron Man 3 in Tennessee to Jack Nicholson in The Departed, which I really enjoyed as a movie, I'm just saying. THE DEPARTED by the way, as good as it was... was entirely based on the Japanese film INFERNAL AFFAIRS... like verbatim... scene by scene... an exact replica. Scorcese won an Oscar for The Departed... but The Departed is a knock off. I love Scorcese. He has done some legendary stuff. ORIGINAL cinematic masterpieces. The Departed is not an original cinematic masterpiece. That Oscar was an HONORARY award given to Martin Scorcese for punitive damages after being passed up time and time again... which is fair enough. He deserves cumulative compensation for his collective body of work, but THE DEPARTED is really somebody ELSE'S work. I'm just sayin.

Iron Man 3 is great for kids and the comic book corn balls but if you give a shit about story and acting, mind, body and soul, this movie is a big fart in the wind.

I'm just sayin.

(Anybody notice the little ear piece Robert Downey Jr was wearing... that which was clearly visible? Word on the street is that he doesnt rehearse or memorize lines. He apparently has a coach feeding him lines through that earpiece in EVERY scene and he basically just WINGS IT.)

(PS: IRON MAN 3 made around 550 million this weekend worlwide)

(Just sayin)

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