It's Halloween. People wear weird shit.


Whats up? Hows it going?

If you are on the East Coast and in the middle of all that Hurricane craziness... sorry for all your troubles.... its Sunny and 75 here. But MAN, it was really FOGGY last night. Sorry, probably shouldnt joke. The folks on the upper West Side are probably better suited for jokes this morning than someone in say... Sheepshead Bay (That's Brooklyn people...cmon... get with it). I was reading the Facebook posts of people I know who live on Manhattans Upper West Side and the news from that neighborhood seemed pretty uneventful. Lots of quips about wind and drinking wine. It does look like folks in the outer and lower boroughs got hit harder. Tough times ahead for many of those Financial District restaurants. I'm reading that many of those places downtown are severely flooded and pretty much ruined.

Plus... a friend of mine got newslast night that her familiy's house caught fire and burned down in Rockaway... now THAT sucks. family is okay. House is destroyed.

I was watching Good Morning America this morning and I love how while all the On-Air staff are wearing super serious faces for their "Special Edition Perfect Storm" episode, there were still a bunch of goofy, idiot spectators outside the window waving and smiling. Wish someone would have walked out and said "YO, we are reporting on storm damage, chaos and catastrophe. No smiling and waving allowed.

Anyway, I hope everyone is okay over there. I know my Dad is holed up in a house with some friends on Long Island... playing cards and hopefully not drinking too much.

Worked a few more days this weekend as a driver/brand ambassador for the Gangnam style gang. They were all trying to get on a flight from LAX to Toronto... which they eventually managed to do. I believe they are coming back to LA at the end of the week. More work for me... I hope. The gig pays really well.

Kristen, Michelle, Marie and I went to a Halloween party in Encino Saturday night. Kristen went as a kitty cat, Marie went as a cop and Michelle went as a Flapper. I went as Michelle. No... not Michelle, Marie's sister who was with us at the party. I went as Michelle, the Apple Valley Firefighter. Yes, I went as "Michelle" a couple of years ago. I decided to bring her back because #1 I still had the Apple Valley Fire Department jump suit with Michelle's name embroidered on it. #2 The suit still fits. #3 I originally thought I'd be working Saturday night so I didnt bother to go conjure up a new costume/character. So there you go.... hello Michelle.

I found my costume to be a source of some annoyance though. People kept asking me what I was and then would look at each other all confused and say "I don't get it." Then I would feel the need to explain to them the entire series of events that lead to the birth and creation of Michelle, the Apple Valley Fire Department. I admit, the story is not that compelling but GIMME a BREAK fro Chryssssake... does EVERY costume have to have some clever theme or meme connected to it?

One girl looked at her friend and said "Am I supposed to know something about the Apple Valley Fire Department?"

NO.... and that's not really the point you.... dip turd.

I got to a point when I was walking around like a drunk lesbian... and when people would say "What are you?" I'd say "I'm MICHELLE.... what the F%%% are YOU?" I was doing some serious Method acting. After a few conversations in that mode, with people I didn't know... I suggested to Kristen, Marie and Michelle that we leave.

We headed over to The Griffin in Atwater Village. I was really disappointed to see that not only was this bar DEAD... it looked like a TUESDAY night in there.... but NOBODY had costumes on. I KNOW that Halloween is not until Wednesday, but Saturday night before Halloween is pretty standard for when most people observe and celebrate.

NOT at The Griffin... obviously.

So I walked up to the bar to order a round and the bartender says "What are you?" I'm give her a semi-smile while inside I'm fighting back the urge to do one of those moves where I sweep my arm down the entire bar and knock everything over.

Inhale.... exhale.... she is just trying to be nice... "I'm Michelle. From the Apple Valley Fire Department." I say this as I lift up the embroidery on the suit and show her the name.

"Oh.... What's that?"
"I'm a chick named Michelle who fights fires... in Apple Valley."
"Where is Apple Valley?"
"No clue."
Ok.... I dont get it."
"You dont have to GET anything. It's Halloween. People wear weird shit"
Placating me... "This is true"
"Can I have 2 Widmers and 2 waters please?"
"Sure can... Michelle."
"Thank you."

Happy Halloween!!

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