"It's called LOVE... and you should try it sometime"

I know I'm startng to sound redundant but I'm way too busy to bust out a blog every day.... that being said.....

The Puppies ae GREAT! Mitchell and Whitney are so AMAZINGLY healthy and happy that I shed tears of joy everytime I take them for a walk. Up and down the sidewalk and over the river and through the woods, I cant barely contain myself. I'm a sobbing, blubbering bafoon. People in the neighbohod say "Hey bro.... whats wrong? You okay?"

I say" I'm just so happy that I have these glorious little friends that bring such joy to my life."

They say "Oh-kaaaay.... Yo... Bro... you're really into those puppies."

I say "Of course, wouldnt you be? If you had the pleasure of owning two of the cutest puppies in the entire UNIVERSE??? You would care for them night and day guard them with your life. You would feed them the finest food and shower them with hugs and kisses.... and grain-free vetrinary approved snacks"

They say" WHOA, bro... take it easy. Those puppies are cute and all, but you are getting kind of ridiculous."

I say "IT'S NOT RIDICULOUS. It's called LOVE... and you should try it sometime.... and by the way.... don't BRO me if you dont KNOW me.... okay? THANK you. Lets go Micthill & Whitney... these fools just dont GET it. PLus its time for your Aloe vera/Tea Tree Paw soak. There are so many contaminants in this neighborhood. I dont want you kids getting sick. I love you. You know that, don't you? I do. I wuv you so much. I WUV yu so much I want to scweeem.... scweeem at the top of my lungs that I WUV MY WITTLE puppies!!!!"

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