I wanna be strapped.

TWO shooting sprees in a week....

What the F%%% is wrong with people? How do you walk into a school and kill little kids?

The killer was 24 years old and wearing a bullet proof vest. What a sick and sad situation.

I hate to let cynicism prevail, but every time we as a society experience an incident like this, my support of the right to bear arms grows.

Gun control is bullshit. Banning assault weapons is bullshit. It will never work because people who want assault rifles will find a way to get them.

When I have kids, I wanna be strapped. I am DAMN sure not going to allow my wife and kids be sitting ducks at the mall while some idiot kid who watches too many movies and plays too many video games decides to come in and live out some twisted fantasy.

I'll will blow that fucking kids head off. I swear to God.

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