How about some GLOOM??


I'm looking out the window right now and it is a BEAUTIFUL, clear sunny Monday morning.

Lovely.... just lovely.

What the hell happened to "June Gloom?" WHERE did that DAMN Marine Layer go? If there was ever a week that I desperately need a marine layer is THIS week.

We are scheduled to start shooting Trails of Gray this week and all is see in the forecast is SUNNY and CLEAR. I do not WANT sunny and clear. I need GRAY. I want GLOOM.

TEN DAYS LEFT.... by the way

10 days left to put your name on this official "Awesome" list. Not too late to make a contribution. BIG THANK YOU to Craig William Watson, Keryn Norton Mathas, Dave Huffman David Herzig, Jennifer Crews, Chris Macrina, Aida Lembo, Jeff Tarleton, Katie Apicella, Steven James Eaton, Josh Spiegel, Cathy Herzig Wolfe, Gretchen Willey Reisig, Renne Provost, Eric Volkman, Simona Berman, my Mother, Nancy Sue McNally and everyone else who has donated a little love and support to this project

I set a goal $6000. Looks like I will be lucky if we hit $2000. Hey, I can do a lot with $2000. I can make it happen.

WEDNESDAY actually looks like a better day for me up in the Mountains in Malibu. I juts sent this email out to my cast and crew....

Hey guys....

Forecast for tomorrow is sunny and clear. exactly what I didn't want to see up on those trails.

I'm wondering if we can move the shoot to WEDNESDAY.... Even if its just in the morning. The forecast appears to offer a lot more of what I want and need. Early clouds/low fog. Sunday JUL 01 shows expected early clouds as well.

Please let me know as soon as you can.

Kristina I know you have to arrange time off with work. let me know what my options are as far as getting you freed up on Wed. Even if we start early and let you get to work by early afternoon, Id rather do that so I can get the right weather up there.

In PUPPY news....

We started Mitchel & Whitney on some new puppy food. We WERE feeding them Blue Buffalo puppy kibble, whihc was good. It was fine for a while... but Mitchell seemed like he was dealing with some allergies and they both had quality issues in the poop department. I started reading up and do some research and found that there is a ot of information out there that suggests that many dogs have trouble with GRAINS. Grains are known to cause allergies in dogs. SO... I picked a sampler bag of ORIJEN PUPPY FOOD and gave it to them straight away. No assimilation period. I just switched the food. I figured... they already had loose stool... and Mitchell had been doing business in the diarrhea department for a couple of days... seriously how bad could it be.

Well... I fed them the new food and they produced some of the FINEST looking puppy poop I think Ive ever seen.

BIG, FIRM... dark brown.... it was a sight to behold. I ALMOST took a picture and shared it on Facebook... but at the last minute I realized that was over doing it a little bit. So I refrained.

I'm a big fan of the new food. ORIJEN PUPPY....

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