Happy Birthday Little Brother

It's FRYYYYY-DAY. What up?? Hows it going? HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little brother, David Christopher Huffman. He turns 40 today. Time to stop counting birthdays buddy. take it from me. I actually had my "I'm turning FORTY" breakdown when I was 39. 39 is such a lame age. Its like a big year of nothingness. Except for all the anxiety you have about turning FORTY. By the time Forty rolled around I was over it. I felt like I was 29 and NOBODY was going to tell me different. I STILL feel like I'm 29. Anyway, it;s August 16th and today is the day my little brother was born. Its also the day that Elvis died... and dont forget Babe Ruth. he died on August 16th 1948. The death of Elvis has more impact because I REMEMBER that day. I distinctly remember the ELVIS news putting a damper on Dave's birthday parade and party plans. We were visiting my Grandparents in Hickory. We had a PARTY going on. Party got DARK. But we got over it. Just in time for cake.

Kristen and I have been watching "ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK" on Netflix lately. We're kind of mixed on it. I have friends that tell me to stick with it.. that it gets much better... but I'm not LOVING it like so many people I know are posting on Facebook. I never really got the whole GAME OF THRONES thing either. I'll give ORANGE a few more episodes.

Looks like the YANKEES might be back.... right? A few big bats in the lineup can change the team dynamic DRASTICALLY. I dont know, is it too late? The Yanks would need to knock out a few 4-5 game win streaks to cover a LOT of distance in the division. It IS possible. They go into a 3 game series with the Red Sox tonight. See what happens. As much disdain I have for A-Rod, his presence in the line up... even if he strikes out every time... pitchers still have to pitch to him. and his is capable of hitting the ball.... the asshole that he is.... he can blast a baseball. Pitchers must show respect. That has a lingering effect on every batter that comes up before and after him. SO... it will be interesting to see how they do against the Red Sox this weekend. If they can win 2 out of 3, they MIGHT possibly, find themselves on a roll. One more thing about sports. NEW YORK sports specifically. The freakin JETS are going to be a JOKE... again... this year. And Rex Ryan is finally going to get the BOOT. Mark my words. Rex Ryan has a weird Man-Crush on Mark Sanchez and he will do everything in his power to justify the fact that he has a TATTOO on his right arm that depicts his WIFE dressed in a Mark Sanchez jersey. Thats right. Its creepy. It's weird. It's TRUE. So they DRAFT Geno Smith, star qb from West Virginia... in the second round. They start Sanchez in the first pre season game. Fair Enough. Rookie's gotta earn his place. Sanchez throws an interception on the first drive that is returned for a touchdown... Smith comes in and doesnt necessarily LIGHT IT UP....  BUT... prior to the SECOND pre-season game, Rex Ryan makes some harsh comments about how "Brutal" Geno Smith's performance was in practice this week. DO YOU THINK REX RYAN WOULD EVER SAY ANYTHING LIKE THAT ABOUT MARK SANCHEZ? EVER? Sanchez gives up brutal performances ALL the time. Sanchez has proven, over and over again that he is RIPE for a replacement. REGARDLESS, Rex finds a way to suggest that he is the player that gives them the best change of winning. I'M NOT EVEN A JETS FAN AND THIS DRIVES ME NUTS. THE JETS ARE A JOKE.

HEY... here's a little HEADS UP: The Proctor and Gamble Company is recalling Eukanuba dry dog food, Iams dry dog foods and Iams dry cat foods due to possible salmonella contamination. YO! That stuff is total CRAP. If you care AT ALL about the health of your dog or cat, you shouldn't be feeding your pets Eukanuba and Iams. Seriously. There are far better options out there. PET FOOD from P&G? There are a BUNCH of bad pet food brands on the market that you should stay away from. Especially the ones that are owned by GIGANTIC "food" manufacturers. Those companies own pet foot brands so they can unload garbage and make a profit from the shit they cant use. Thats it. Plain and simple. It's like DEL MONTE buying up "Natural Balance." Its shady. Its sketchy... and here come the recalls. Do you think DEL MONTE decided to go into the pet food business because they care about your pets? No. Its because they want to find ways to unload tons of low grade scraps that they cant package and sell to humans. Look, I dont think you should be feeding ANY type if kibble to your pets... because thats what kibble is. Its massively processed and not the best thing for any animal to spend a lifetime eating. It's kind of like CEREAL to humans. Cereal is processed grains and flour, heated up, cooled down and sprayed with vitamins. Sure, we can eat it and be okay. Cereal is not going to kill us. But how would you feel after eating nothing but cereal for 10 years? You would be weak and sick. Imagine what your state of affairs would like if you ate nothing but super-processed ingredients sprayed with vitamins? Kibble is like cereal. Kibble is crap. NOT a healthy choice for your pet. I'm just saying.

SO... Its been one month since the puppy attack. Whitney is doing great. She is a happy little puppy again. She has really recovered quite well. She is running and wrestling with Mitchell all over the place. We have yet to resolve the money issues and the medical expenses with our NEIGHBOR, but hopefully, all that will get taken care of soon. We want to be compensated for the costs. We SHOULD be compensated, but we also just want to be done with it. We are happy that Whitney is ALIVE... and that she is healthy. I still feel like there's another big evil dog wandering around, off leash, every time we go outside for a walk, but I'm working on getting past that. If I ever can.

(Move on, man. Move on)

(I'm trying)

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