Green Festival feedback

OK.... I spent all weekend at GREEN FESTIVAL LA

I loaded in all day Friday and spent all day Saturday & Sunday representing I AND LOVE AND YOU meeting and greeting tons of fun, new agey, un-conventional types, in addition to plenty of simple, easy going, eco-friendly conventional types...

This event had tons of vendors from Alternative Medicine to skin care to solar energy to gluten free, vegan Kale chips.... there was a LOT going on at this event. There were a handful of pet-centric exhibitors there... but we were of course.... the coolest.

Green Festival LA was definitely worth the time and money as far as target demographic and volume, number of quality impressions, etc. I was pretty busy the entire weekend and I was dealing with tons of conscientious cat & dog people. This event had a LOT more foot traffic than I was expecting. The attendees were very eager to learn all about our company, our products and take some samples/coupons home to try us out.

Whether or not that translates into a spike in sales, remains to be seen, of course, but almost everyone I spoke to was enthusiastically within earshot of a Sprouts, Whole Foods or Unleashed. Sprouts. Everyone I spoke to was open to new methods of meeting the needs of their pets. I was a little taken aback by how many pet owners told me about itchy pets, biting paws and hot spots. Scary that there are that many dogs out there with similar issues.

People LOVED the picture of the cat riding a Unicorn. (We had a sign on the table that invited people to register and win a gift basket from us by leaving teir email address. That sign featured a picture of a cat riding a unicorn) I had quite a few gay men stop, look at the sign... and give me a once-over. Thanks but no-thanks. Funny picture though. People were cracking up. It drew a lot of them in. We should make t-shirts. Seriously. Anyway, folks were happy to leave their email address to win the gift basket.

PS: The gift basket I had on display had a small bag on Turkey in-the-raw, a water bottle, a t-shirt, a bag of venison jerky, a bunch of $5 coupons, a bag of cow ears and one of those little cooler bags.

The festival organizers were nice, helpful. Load in was manageable. Load-OUT left a little to be desired but hey... is what it is. We came. We saw. We conquered.

I would say for brand awareness purposes, it was a good event. We were effective and efficient. We could/should, do it again.

In my opinion, there are a few ways we can improve on this for next time....

We could use an extra staffer. I tried to lure my wife and my sister-in-law out to help me, but they were both booked out and unavailable. I tried to get a few friend/promo types to help in exchange for product but I fell short. We could have offered a little more personal attention to those visiting our booth when ONE person is tied up with 2-3 visitors. Plus, hard to take a break and go have some lunch or some coffee or go to the bathroom when you are by yourself. Leaving the booth unattended in the middle of an event like this just looks bad. Plus we're missing out on potential magical moments.

ALSO, we can get some decent pics when we have one extra person who can step to the side and take some photos. Hard to get good photos when you busy talking to consumers.

I think if we had some literature about holistic pet care or maybe some books for folks to browse through might be helpful. The flyers people take from us look nice, but I feel that we could offer some more comprehensive details. A short list of 5 Lessons on how to be a better pet owner, maybe?

I was asked one question, a handful of times that I found difficult to answer: "What is special about your products?" "What makes I AND LOVE AND YOU better than say... WELLNESS?"

Sounds simple enough but its such a broad question that I found it hard to give a quick and concise answer that best represented what we are all about. Product to product, I can talk all day, benefits of each one and why that person should use it. But OUR ENTIRE LINE? As a whole, in one sentence, what makes us special? Just a suggestion but a uniform retort might come in handy.

We might already have one. I just dont remember what it is. So duh.

I was interviewed by Tiffany Paige of
"Green with Tiffany."
I think it went well. I hope it went well. I'm worried I might have rambled a bit but I guess we'll see. I DO think we should come up with some basic guidelines in the future as far as how to best conduct an interview. What specifically is the best thing to say, what should we emphasize? Its good for all of us to be on the same page as far as that's concerned, you never know when a person with a mic and a camera is going to come around and we should be able to make the most of that moment and not squander the opportunity by rambling too much or talking about less significant stuff.

ALSO.... side note.... I had a few people tell me about a COSTCO style pet food store in the LA area? Interesting. Ever heard of it? There's one in Culver City too....


AND... apparently a very successful pet food chain from Chicago... people are saying its like the WHOLE FOODS of Pet food stores... has opened a few stores here in SoCal as well....

So that's all I can think of for now. I'm sure the blend of my experience and what my colleagues back in Boulder have been through at other events will help us make even more of the next one. Hope they can join for the next one.


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