Gotta go to MOHS!

Two weeks ago.... I had MOHS surgery done on my chest. Doc removed a small batch of skin cancer. They ended up slicing a small "S" in the middle of my chest and stitching me up. Which is not as cool as it sounds.

Truth is...  and I'm kind of embarrassed to say... I really mishandled this whole thing. I've been really stupid. I had this spot on my chest that I had been ignoring for a while. WELL... not really ignoring. I had been in a full on WAR with this spot... that eventually became a LESION... and my NEMESIS. Felt like we fought it out for a hundred years. Seriously I should've had a doctor look at that thing MONTHS ago but I wasn't going out like that. I was SURE I could beat it. I just knew that I could take it down with my own private regimen of supplements, lotions, soaps and salves. I kept thinking I was one (thoroughly Googled) home remedy away from turning the corner on this mysterious spot, beating it into submission, healing up the aftermath... and then I'd be good as new. I'm sure you can guess THAT never happened..... but hey... I now have the worlds biggest and most diverse collection of fancy and organic herbal ointments and homeopathic creams. I went big. I was merciless. I gave it everything I got. And to be fair... some of my methods worked... kind of.... a tiny bit here.. a tiny bit there. I saw some progress a couple of times...but nothing would really stick. This annoying, ugly little lesion was as stubborn as I was. I tried to OUT stubborn the stubborn and until my WIFE put her foot down and knocked some sense in to me. Not literally but when Kristen finally got fed up... my honorary holistic home remedy license was revoked. I had no choice but to go to the doctor. So they did some test. That asked me why I waited so long to see a doctor. I shrugged my shoulders (Good answer, right?) They did a biopsy and found that not only was it Basil Cell Carcinoma.... my BCC was infected. Hooray me! They prescribed antibiotics so the infection could heal and then they ordered me back to see them for the "Mohs" surgery so they could remove the cancerous stuff. 

So two weeks later there I went.... under the knife. It took two rounds of excavations (3-4 hours) to get everything and then they had to stitch me up. Because the skin on your chest is so tight they had to cut a suture line in the shape of an S right in the middle so they could pull the skin together and give the area a chance to heal and get back to normal.

This was an extremely humbling moment for me. I must say. The Dr. said that if I was going to get any kind of cancer this would be the kind to get. This type of skin cancer is treatable. BCC almost never spreads past the original tumor site... but still.... these things are not to be ignored or taken lightly.

So now my suture line is healing they took the stitches out and were impressed at how fast I healed up so hopefully the scar will go away soon. Hopefully I'm all set and if I get another spot remark on my chest ever again I'm going straight to the doctor. I'm told this is pretty common stuff and the Doctors office was pretty busy with Mohs patients.... they also said that I'm kind of young to have a lesion like. The Irish... or maybe the German in me... take your pick I'm fair skinned Mutha F%%%.

Be careful out there. Wear your sunscreen.... and if you have a strange mark on your skin that seems to have a life of its own... put the gun down...... go see a doctor.


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