Okay, first of all....

That FACE-eating LSD story from Miami is freakin GNARLEY DUDE. GROSS!! I heard about it while we were up at Mammoth this weekend and read further into the story this morning. Although I dont think its actually LSD these guys were on. It's supposedly some sort of Bath tub & tile cleaner or bath salts or something of the sort that makes you trip out like you do on LSD.... except you feel the like your body is on fire and you end up taking your clothes off and many end up getting extremely violent after taking it.

Freakin scary. I was just taking the dogs on a walk and I was double-taking everyone on the street in case they might be a flesh eating bath salt smoking naked ZOMBIE. I dont trust ANYBODY.

So we got back yesterday afternoon from a nice family holiday up at Mammoth Lakes. Nice and relaxing. Great adventure for the puppies. Good times for everybody. Managed to make it home in time for game one of the 3 game Yankees-Angles series here in Anaheim...

How bad did it suck to spend 3.5 hrs on that DAMN game last night and have it end with an Angels walk-off in the bot of the 9th?

friggin BLOWS man.

OK, I gotta go. Back to work. There are people in this city that need my help. People who are UNDER-caffeinated and need a boost.... and boost that only ILLY ISSIMO and I can provide.


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