Gettin in all straight.


WILCARD Saturday.

The first Saturday after New Years and we are cleaning, doing laundry and trying to get our shit straight. We've been discussing plans and goals all week and today we get the ball rolling. Today we also go over to JJ's house to watch the NFL playoffs for a while. I start a new gig on Monday. I have an AUDITION Monday.... AND we start a 10 day juice fast on Monday.

That's right... a juice fast.

We watched FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD on Friday night and it inspired us to collect the rest of our CRATE & BARREL gift cards from the WEDDING ( a year ago) and go buy us a juicer...

Kristen and I are not even close to being Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, but we still want to do a good quality juice fast for detox purposes and we want to incorporate fresh green juices into our daily regimen. The guy in the fil did a fast for 60 days... thats hardcore... unless of course your life depends on it. We are juts going to do a 7-10 day ReBoot.

Consider this more of an attempt at preventative mainntenance.

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