From Bath Salts to Burbank to Chinatown and Back.

Happy Friday!

Here is a Happy Friday FREE piece of advice from me to al the good people of planet earth and the young men and women of the United States of America.


Did you happen to catch this news this morning?

‘Sons of Anarchy’ actor Johnny Lewis was 'out of control' before rampage, championed Scientology drug-treatment program before rampage

How does someone come to the conclusion that smoking or snorting something referred to as BATH SALTS is a good idea? Especially since its become common knowledge that it leads people to extreme violence, including mutilating and dismembering dogs and cats? Not to mention attacking and trying to EAT another human being?

This "Sons of Anarchy" dude dismembered a cat.

Just say NO to Bath Salts for chrissake. What the hell is the POINT? Shoot some heroin. Smoke some CRACK... just keep your clothes on and leave peoples pets ALONE....



Wrapped another day of shooting yesterday. Thats pretty much a wrap on principal photography for this project. Now we move on to the post-production phase, which has actually already begun, but now we can focus on getting it done.

Yesterday we started out at Atlantic Aviation in Burbank. We had one short scene that was actually one end of a phone call between a hot shot attorney, played by Barbara Sharp and two of her associates. Barbara's character, also conveniently named "Barbara," waits in the lounge at a private jet airport when she gets a panicked call from her colleagues.

I lucked out with this location. Barbara's boyfriend is a pilot and he made a few phone calls for me to help me find and secure a decent spot to get this shot. We were in and out in 2 hours. We got some really nice footage of Barbara chatting on the phone while private jets prepped and rolled out to the runway in the background. We also got a few shots of planes and helicopters landing.

Then we moved down to Chinatown and shot a few more scenes at the KleverDog Coworking space.

They have a communal/virtual/shared office space situation going on on the 2nd floor and on the FIRST floor they have a classroom/conference room area with a separate waiting/reception section connected to it. We were able to rent that first floor space and have it to ourselves for a few hours. We dressed up a few various corners of the room and made up 3 different sets. Everything worked out great. The people at Kleverdog are really cool and accommodating. I'm hoping we can work with them again in the future.

Had an audition on Wednesday. Been a while....

DEADLY ALIBI, (Will air in November on A&E Bio): ERIC WINDHURST AT 38. Brunette w/Brown Eyes. Tall. Clean-cut, successful. Confronted by Melanie 20 years later to come clean on the shooting, he refuses to come forward since he believes in why he did and he has made a good life for himself. SUPPORTING. The pilot is scripted, but the session will be improv. This is the ONLY day of reads.

I arrived early, waited FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF. I contemplated walking out a couple of times, but decided to stick with it and wait my turn. I eventually heard my name called and I think I delivered a pretty good performance. It was a fun little improv exercise. I was able to instantly connect to the scenario and to the stakes of the situation. I felt pretty good. That being said, I dont feel like I looked quite right for the part, so I probably wont get a call. Hopefully I made enough of an impression that I'll get called in again in the near future.

On that note, I came across an interesting and helpful little article online about what it takes to engineer an effective audition. The article was posted on 2008, so it's fairly old, but I JUST discovered it so its new to me. Not that the information is ground-breaking or anything I havent HEARD before, but its always helpful to hear it again. Cant hurt to share either.

10 AUDITION TIPS FOR ACTORS: "Since so few Actors get a chance to sit where Producers and Directors sit, here are my 10 tips on how to have a better audition experience:"

Ok.... gotta go...

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