Friday's flatlines and frustrations


Getting ready for another few days of Gangnam Style shuttling and shenanagins. I'm cool as long as I don't have to work Sunday afternoon (So I can watch the Giants play the Cowboys). Looks like I'm going to have to work Saturday night, which is not TECHNICALLY Halloween night... but thats the night everyone is going out to celebrate or "observe." My poor wife has to go out in costume without me. Kind of sucks. We were going to go as "The Californians."

There is a big party in Encino that we were going to go to... would have been a lot of fun. Can't afford to turn down any work right now. So I'm working. Booooo!

(Thats not a Haloween "Booo" like a scary ghost "Booo." Thats more like a "Boooo" that Yankees farted around, flatlined and got swept by the Tigers "Boo")

Still working on the latest Legal Video Project. Trying to get those episodes edited and polished and ready to ship. We don't actually ship, though. We just compress each version into an MP4 and drag it over to dropbox. I'm finding that I'm trying to justify a lot of goofs and glitches by carving them into happy accidents. The quality of my work as a producer/director fell a little short this round and now I'm trying to fix a LOT in post. Looking back I'm realizing how busy I was with my illy issimo marketing work this Summer. I was trying to juggle one day job with another as well as help raise puppies. I tried to delegate some of the work and that didnt turn out the way I had hoped. So right now I'm feeling like my work has suffered a bit on this project. Don't get me wrong, the final product will be good. It might not be my best, but we will find a way to make it all presentable. We are just finding a lot of challenges in post production and we are having to work a lot harder to connect the dots. Regardless, I will learn from this experience, make the necessary adjustments and move on. But I have to say, right now I'm pretty frustrated... with myself mostly. I can only hope and pray that I'll have another project to improve on.

Still working on my short film. Progress in post is slow. I'm aiming to have it done by the end of November, but I'm trying to coordinate my schedule with that of my editor so we can make time to meet up and have a few editing sessions together. This project is behind schedule because I'm behind schedule on everything else.REALLY hoping to have this done before December rolls in. End of the year at the LATEST. Then 2013 will the year that "Trails of Gray" makes its way through the international short film circuit.

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