Fast & Furious: Puppy Style

When I get the chance to sneak the puppies on to the soccer field down the street... I jump on it. The field is usually locked and there is a sign that says NO DOGS ON FIELD.... but every once in a while... somebody forgets to lock the gate... and Whitney, Mitchell and I JUST HAPPEN to be walking by....

As soon as these two get on that field... they shoot off like little bullets. It's awesome. They chase each other all over the place. They zig and zag to evade capture like a couple of WWII "Grumman F6 Hellcats"

Puppies Playing Chicken

"PUPPIES PLAYING CHICKEN" Whitney & Mitchell doing a little jousting at the soccer field on Riverside.

I took this shot in "Drama" mode...a filter on my Samsung S4 camera. Surprised it was able to capture both dogs in the shot. Sort of a fluke.

  Whitney Attacks #puppies4life

"WHITNEY ATTACKS" Otherwise known as "Puppies Playing Chicken Pt 2"

A little CROP and POP. Posted that baby up on Instagram

Happy as a Hovercraft

"Happy as a Hovercraft" or "Ready for her Closeup" OR...  "Puppies Playing Chicken: Chapter 3" OR "Whitney Attacks Part 2."

This one has a "Cartoon" filter on it. Some osrt of ODE to anime? Anyway....



Have to go back check out that field later. See if we get lucky today.


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