Early to rise

Wow.... the last time I blogged was August 16th?

Ive been busy, I guess. Hard to make time to sit and share my thoughts.

I've been trying to make time for my other writing endeavors, especially rewrites and new pages for my short film, "Trails of Gray."

I'm actually shooting today. Which is why I'm up so early. Not for my short film but for the industrial/educational video project Ive been working on for a while. I have one last batch of scenes to shoot for the "Law Simulation Project" that Ive been shooting since since April. Getting a small cast and crew together down at my indie city entertainment offices in silverlake.

Then I'm coming home and watching some football with my wife and my puppies.

We finally settled with the woman who's dogs attacked us on July 19th, btw. She adequately compensated us for the damages. Thankfully we can now put the whole incident behind us and move on.

Ok, I'm going to finish my hi ball energy drink, get in the shower and get out of here. Wish me luck today.

See you soon.

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