Distance yourself from the Herd (Word)

I've had TONS of actor submission to go through this week to fill all the roles in this upcoming industrial/educational project. So many that Kristen has been taking a large portion of the work and playing a mean ass "Casting Assistant" fiddle.

This morning, I decided to invite a newcomer with virtually NO credits or experience to come in and audition tomorrow. I'm not sure where he came from or how he got my email, but he asked for a chance to come in and "give it a shot." He actually does fit one of my character descriptions. So I'm going to give him a shot.

I asked him if he had been on any auditions and he said "one."

Oh Boy... ONE? Still gonna give the guy a shot. But I sent him a few tips... gave him a little direction... customized to my needs, of course:

Ok.... I'm going to pencil you in during the 3P-4P time block. The audition will only take 5 minutes, but you may have to wait your turn. I'm looking for actors who can be real, relaxed, natural. So when you come in, have a seat and lets chat... that's the way your delivery should be. You sound like your talking to a friend. Telling someone a story about what happened to you today, or yesterday. get what I'm saying? Dont fumble with your script. In fact, don't even bring it in the room. Come in, introduce yourself. Sit down and start talking. If you miss a word or cant remember the lines, then improvise. As long as it sounds normal and natural, your audition will come off much better if you can smooth out a rough spot by paraphrasing or improvising than if you stop and apologize or look down and try to find your place on a folded up piece of paper. I wont hold you to the words verbatim until we get you to set. IF we get you you to set.

Just concentrate on being natural... give us a smooth read. Don't act. Just be.I had a great acting teacher in NY who always said "Don't feel that you have to show me something. Show me that you are feeling something"

We'll see what happens.

As for the 250 applicants who submitted to the"Production Assistant" position I posted on Mandy.com last week... I have to tell you....

90% of your cover letters look the same. Generic. Generic. Generic.

I'm saying this to YOU... as much as I'm saying it to myself... you have GOT to find a way to stand out. Distance yourself from the herd. Writing up an impersonal, bland, cliche cover letter is NOT going to do it.

Word up!!

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