Decisons. Decisions. Enlightening Incisions.

Thursday morning..... hows it going?

I'm sitting here watching Sportscenter. Drinking my green tea/black tea blend. The puppies are running around the apartment. They speed by from one room to the next. They end up catching each other and then they roll and tumble across the room. Then Mitchell brings me one of his chew things, like his antler chew. Deer Antler chews are all the rage these days. They are super hard and durable... and of course all natural. Mitchell loves to chew to so he will spend HOURS chewing on a piece of deer antler.

I took them out this morning. Brought them over to the nearby tennis courts and let them run around. I try to save playtime in the grass for later, when the ground is drier. If I let these guys tear it up outside in the early AM, they get filthy.

I mean I still wash Mitchell's paws after almost every walk. Actually I wash his paws in the morning and at night. He still has allergic reactions to what we now believe is the grass... or possibly certain areas of grass that might be chemically treated.... its still a guessing game... and his paws have good days and bad. Regardless, I wash his paws with special pet shampoo a couple of times a day, every day.

Lot of good sports going on right now. The Yankees are fighting to hold on to first place in the AL East. They just got Ivan Nova and Andy Pettite back into the pitching rotation... and that's huge. They've won 4 straight... and THATS huge, especially since the Baltimore Orioles are breathing down their neck to take first place before the regular season runs out of rope. Even if the Yanks can win the AL East... or possibly even LOSE first place and get a WILDCARD spot... if the Yankees make the playoffs they are going to be playing some really really good teams in the post season. Texas, Oakland and Baltimore all make me nervous. It's going to be a TENSE October.

Giants play the Panthers tonight. Its on the NFL Network, as are all MOST Thursday night games. Since we dont have the NFL Network, we are going to go out somewhere and watch the game. The Happy Ending Bar? Dillons? The Public House? Not sure yet. The Happy Ending is our spot. Its a New York favoring sports bar, owned by New Yorkers. They have really good food (for a sports bar), and of course, they always have drink specials when the Yankees, the Giants, the Knicks  or even the JETS do anything good (I dont think they are Mets fans at The Happy Ending Bar). DILLONS? Its a Hollywood Blvd mega pub... lots of TV's.. many rooms with a variety of tables and chairs and couches and bar stools... but it's Hollywood Blvd... always somewhat of a cheeseball/douche bag element.. plus parking over there is a nightmare. Public House? Its close. Its on Vermont in Los Feliz... and they have FREE PIZZA. The Public House offers a happy deal where you buy a beer, you get a free pizza. Now, it's not the BEST pizza in the world, but its free... its like a little personal one hitter... buts a free one hitter.... for the cost of one beer. My only concern at The Public House is that they might have the game but not have the volume turned up. My concern at Dillons is that they might have the Giants on one TV and have a bunch of the baseball games running on the others. They advertise Thursday nights as a big Baseball night. I KNOW what they'll be showing at The Happy Ending.

Decisions.... Decisions...

Watched a few different DVD's this week..  actually we TRIED to watch a few DVD's this week. We finished 2 out of 3.... how about that?

"The Dictator." It was terrible. We turned it off after 29 minutes. Turned it OFF. I figure it would have been at LEAST as funny as "Bruno." Nope. It was totally stupid. A film has to be pretty bad to make me actually STOP the DVD and yank it from the player... and thats exactly what happened. I was embarrassed for Sacha Baron Cohen. Oh well.

"Act of Valor." Thats the action movie that stars a team of actual Navy Seals. I was told that the ACTING was awful but the ACTION was amazing. I was kind of disaffected by both. The acting wasnt THAT terrible. Ive seen worse. I would say the aacting is TOLERABLE.... and The ACTION? Was just okay. I felt like I was watching an Army or Marines commercial.... sort of "Video game-ish." There are probably people who will watch it and dig it. I didnt DIS-like it. I was disaffected.

I just looked up the definition of Disaffected and I think I'm using that word improperly.

dis·af·fect·ed (adj) Resentful and rebellious, especially against authority.

I guess I would say I was more APATHETIC towards "Act of Valor" than I was dis·af·fect·ed.

And THEN... last night... I watched a documentary called OFFICIAL REJECTION.

Following filmmakers along the festival circuit, OFFICIAL REJECTION will take a lighthearted but realistic look at the politics, pitfalls, costs, and toll of life at the fests. Our goal is to demonstrate exactly what happens once you finish the movie, the reality of today's film festival landscape, and the emotional roller-coaster those who dare venture onto it find themselves riding. Featuring interviews with Kevin Smith, Bryan Singer, Lloyd Kaufman, Jenna Fischer, Andy Dick, Traci Lords, Jennifer Tilly, and Chris Gore.

I went over to see my buddy Josh yesterday. He will be editing my latest corporate film project as well as my short film "Trails of Gray." I had some more footage to deliver as well as some info and notes pertaining to both projects. Josh seemed a little bummed out and we started talking about his film "The Complex." Seems he is having some trouble getting the film into any festivals. Obviously a lot more difficult than he thought. Than WE thought. I'm an actor in his film and I'm also credited as a producer. We talked about all the different festivals, the levels of relevance. We talked GENRE. We talked about other films made by different friends and what festivals were accepting those films. We bounced around ideas but didn't really come up with anything substantial. Keep trying? Take it with a grain of salt and move on to the next project? I'm about to throw myself into the same stew when I start trying to get "Trails" into film festivals. Of course, my film is a SHORT... not a Feature like "The Complex." It might be easier. It might be more difficult. At some point in the near future (I hope), I will be submitting my OWN feature length film to festivals. Hows that going to go?

So anyway, I came home and realized that I had this DVD from Netflix that had been sitting around for weeks. Based on my little meeting with Josh, I figured it was the perfect time to pop that little monster in the machine and see what happens.

It was a tough two hours. Downright depressing at times. Occasionally enlightening. Like a knife digging and twisting into your precious backside... kind of the way my foot feels these days. I STILL have this Plantar Fasciitis thing going on, by the way. Can you believe that? I'm icing it. I'm stretching it. I'm icing it. I'm stretching it. When I drive it feels like someone is LITERALLY stabbing me in the foot.

Anyway, this movie was somewhat of a bitch... but well worth the trip.

I created a profile for "Trails of Gray" on WITHOUTABOX.COM while watching this ball busting bitch of a movie. I was trying to keep my evening thematically aligned. WithoutaBox is an online application submission service for film festivals. You create a profile for a project, enter all the necessary info and they keep track of every festival, deadlines and submission requirements. Then you can submit to most festivals directly through the site. It's a handy little service for sure. The hardest part is translating your title into 5 or 6 different languages so you can submit internationally. I tried using Google Translate but sometimes "Trails of Gray" doesnt quite translate the way you want it to sound in FRENCH. Sometimes it reads as "A Gray Pathway," or "Gray in the Trail." Don't even get me started with German.

So I think its time to start prepping for my first feature film... and that first feature film is going to be the feature length version of CATCH, my little serial-killer-love-story web series from a couple of years ago that is ready to descend on the world in all it's glory.

I've got the story all figured out and outlined. I just need to write the first draft. I also need to finish "Trails of Gray" and get that out there. See how we do in the film festival fray.

Working on it. Wish me luck.

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