Came across some really motivating reading lately.....


It's important to stay creative at work. It's also important to stay creative at home. To stay creative always. This article resonated for me much like THE ARTIST'S WAY did.... a popular book written by Julia Cameron. I read The Artists Way years ago after one of my acting suggested it. While Gwen Moran's article gives some brief, easy ways to introduce an extra spark into your daily process, Julia Cameron urges people of all walks of life to explore their creativity and offers many similar suggestions as well as outlines ways to follow a creative regimen... encouraging everyone to keep their creative process current and active. Creativity is essential to happiness, in my opinion. Regardless of whether you consider yourself an artist or not, regardless of whether you think you are good enough at something to do anything at all, expressing yourself through art is something that you OWE to yourself, to your life and to your CREATOR.... at the risk of sounding too spiritual or preachy.... Whoever or whatever made you... However you came to be on this earth... in this Universe... you were made capable of artistic expression... it's a gift... and we ALL should do something with that gift.... even if its so personal that we do it in private and our work... our ART..  never meets another... we should FEEL obligated to express and create. We have a responsibility to sing, dance, act, write, draw, paint, whittle a piece of wood, whatever it may be, don't go through your entire life without finding your own way.


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