Coyotes and Pit Bulls in the Bush

Yesterday we had quite the sow going on in the backyard. I watched 2 big Pitbulls chase a bunch of coyotes in and out the woods behind our place. Quite entertaining... and a bit frightening....

So, yeah, these pits were not supposed to be out and about, they must have been AWOL. No leash. No owners anywhere. The coyotes live in this wooded easement behind our complex. There are a bunch of them. I see them all the time. As a few of my recent anecdotes might attest. The Pits busted in, dug em up and chased em out. They were dogs and coyotes hauling ass in every direction. Then they all vanished into the brush. One pit came out, alone, and then 3 coyotes came chasing after it, nipping at its hind legs. That dog ran back up the hill towards the adjacent neighborhood from whence it came... never looking back once. I waited and waited to see if the other pit was going to roll through, but he didn't. I swear, I thought he was dead. I thought the coyotes got him. You know? Two go in, one comes out with 3 coyotes on its ass?I was starting to feel really bad for the that dog. Anyway, half hour later, he came trotting through and headed back up.

Home I'm assuming.

Quite the show from the safety of my 4th floor patio.

(Mitchell & Whitney were watching too.... barking like crazy of course)

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