Cast & Crew. Day 1 & Day 2.

I'm producing and directing a new courtroom training film for one of my longtime publishing clients. We held auditions 3 weeks ago and had some really great actors come in and read for the available roles. So I feel pretty good about the cast we've assembled. We are shooting a total of four days and we knocked two of those days out this past weekend..... good times. HUGE Thank You's to everyone who helped out and made for such an easy going, pleasant and productive experience. 

DAY ONE: "The People vs Robert Dale"
Corinne DeVries, James Huffman, Mike Muratore, Greta Hitzeman, Mark Planas, Judy Welch, Claudia Watson, Alex Watson, David Chattam, Kingsley Opara

DAY TWO: "The People vs Daniella Forcheimes"
Sam Jones, Clyde George, Breyen Katz, Katherine Norland, James Huffman, Wyn Costello, Alex Watson, Kingsley Opara, Glenda Suggs, Claudia Watson, Malcolm Matthews, Sheila Robinson


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