Care Package & a World Premiere

HAPPY Birthday to my little brother Dave.

It was yesterday, but I figured I'd drop a late mention over here.

YES, I spoke to him on his birthday. Kristen and I actually put together a big birthday care package for the whole family. We got a bundle of Hollywood and Los Angeles themed t-shirts for everybody. Dave got a cool-ass Adidas Originals "Los Angeles Edition" T-shirt. We dropped in some Omega Mix from Trader Joes, a few bags of Cashew Crunch, some Lentil chips and a few other Hollywood Knick Knacks. Shipped that bad boy all the way over to England.


Shooting on the next Corporate/legal video project commences Sunday. "A Day in the Life: Property Series" kicks off this weekend in Torrance, CA.

We are actually shooting at Kristen's parents house in Torrance. Call time will be around 8A. Hoping to wrap it up around 6.

We will ALSO be screening our wedding video afterwards. My buddy Josh has been sifting through all the raw wedding footage for months and recently finished editing the video. He is also playing one of the lead roles this weekend. So... he will bring the final cut and we will host the WORLD PREMIERE of our wedding video as soon as we wrap the shoot. I know it will be a long day, Cast and crew are welcome to bounce once we wrap, but everyone is also welcome to stick around for the festivities, which will include food and drink.

forget the VIDEO.... FOOD & DRINK!!

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