Brown Pants?

Sunday night.... December 2nd. It's a rainy night here in Sunny Southern California. My lovely wife is at work. So I'm home chillin with the puppies.... watching The Cowboys play the Eagles on Sunday Night Football. Normally I'd hate both so much I couldnt watch.... but I have rookie RB Bryce Brown from the Eagles on my fantasy team and my opponent this week has Tony Romo... and I DO love to cheer on defenses against the Cowboys.. especially when it means takin it to Tony Romo. This Bryce Brown kid is for REAL, by the way. He's a damn good Running Back.

So I had my shoot on Wednesday. Shot a PSA for SoCal Gas. My first acting gig in a while. To be honest, I have been putting in a lot more effort lately. So I would say that this booking is a result that effort. I've been spending more time submitting myself for projects and going on auditions.

The shoot went great. The Producer, the director, the crew, the clients.... everyone was really cool. The other actors in the spot were a pleasure to work with. Being an actor on set has become somewhat of an altered experience since I've started producing and directing my own projects. I've already observed and learned so much during the casting process that I changed the way I audition. But the very dynamic of being an actor on set has changed for me. I see the bigger picture from the actors perspective. I'm seeing the entire playing field. I feel like I'm more in tune with the conversations going on between the director, the AD, the DP and even the clients. And of course there are many times when I'm thinkin to myself that I would have done something differently. I was thinking that ALOT.... but it;s easy to be an armchair quarterback.... or backseat driver... when you're just an actor hitting your mark and trying to remember your lines.

I had been there just about 5 minutes and I was already having internal creative differences.... over the wardrobe choices. I mean come on... a husband and his wife... BOTH wearing plaid shirts ... different colored plaid shirts... while doing some weekend yard work around the house? One of those two is going to be sporting some solids... everybody knows that. Sure enough, the AD stepped in after we had been on set for a few shots and mentioned that we didnt look right. The director sent the wife back to the trailer to change.

And she had ME wearing brown pants with my brown and tan flannel shirt. Brown pants? Why not jeans? The guy would be wearing jeans. Always. Sure enough... somebody said something... I think it was the DP.... and he wasnt concerned with how authentic I looked.... he explained that the blades to this particular digging tool was not showing up well against my brown pants.... so the director asked me if I had blue jeans. I was like "UH... yeah." I didnt actually say that... I was thinking that... I was WEARING jeans when I showed up that morning and when the director picked out my brown pants.... brown pants that I only brought as a wardrobe choice to be denied. When she CHOSE those pants I actually DID say "You sure? You dont think I would be wearing jeans?" Nope, she chose the pants.... and later sent ME back to the trailer to change.

Once we got past all that it was smoooooth sailing. The best thing about being an actor on set is being able to PLAY. Just relax and have fun... and since there was a little room for humor... I was allowed to make it funny and make people laugh. Few things better than be able to make your cast mates laugh and hear the clients cracking up back in video village. It was a good day.

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