Brothers in Battle

Happy Wednesday...

Going to Dodger Stadium tonight. The Yankees are in town for a little interleague action. The Yankees are in BAD shape right now, man. They need all the support they can get. I'm really hoping Kristen and I get a chance to see Mariano Rivera close. This year is basically his farewell tour and tonight may be the last chance we ever get to see him play in person.

Things are going okay around here. Whitney is improving and slowly recovering from her broken ribs. She definitely walks around like she is hurting a bit, but every now and then she gets playful with Mitchell and we have to remind her that she is suposed to be "taking it easy." The vet said it takes 4-6 weeks to fully recover from broken ribs. This friday will be 2 weeks since the attack.

I'm so-so. Actually a little on edge still... after the whole incident. Ive taken to walking Mitchell at night with a baseball bat in my hand. I keep it, partly, to ward off coyotes... there is no shortage of coyotes in this neighbohood...  but also, now... to ward off anyone else's dogs who might be out there running around with no leash.

Last night I got into a shouting match with another neighbor who came out on the street with his 2 dogs. Neither dog had any leash and they both saw us and started coming in my direction. I told him if he didnt call his dogs I would break their f%%% legs. He obviously took offense to that and we started calling each other nasty names. We eventually went our separate ways. Once I got back on the elevator I looked down at MItchell and he was sitting there staring up at me, looking really confused and concerned. I had to really swallow hard and take a deep breath to keep from bursting into tears. I went upstairs and tried to go bed and stared at the ceiling for a couple of hours.

Physically I'm on the mend. I took my own stitches out on Monday. I thought it would be dumb to go pay a couple hundred bucks to have someone clip the already shoddy display of suture-wear, so I cut em and pulled em myself. Kinda felt like Rambo.

Photos from the field (be careful out there):

My Stitchy Messy Pinky (& some Neosporin)

"My Stitchy Messy Pinky (& some Neosporin)"

Brothers in Battle

"Brothers in Battle: Me, Mitchell and my Stitched up Fingers" (taken a few hours after the incident on July 19th)

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