Birthdays, Thank yous and some tragic news.

Happy Monday....

Happy Birthday to my Mom, Nancy Sue McNally. We love you and miss you very much. I also wanted to say Thanks again for making contributions to my short film, Trails of Gray. I'm so grateful for your support.

Speaking of which...

The funding campaign for the film on indiegogo wrapped a few days ago.

We managed to raise $2250 of our $6000 goal. Well short of the goal, but that money will most definitely enable me to get this project going. We actually got out there and shot two days worth of footage for the film last week. The weather didnt quite cooperate but we found some great moments up there and I'm really happy with what we've got so far.

There still more work to. Much work to do. I need to get back up there and shoot some inserts, get a lot more landscape footage, a few time-lapse shots... I also feel like we may have missed some moments and fallen short on a few more. I dont think I have to coordinate anymore marathon days, but we will need to come together a couple more times.

And if you MISSED your chance to make a contribution to this project... it's not too late. I will create a donation page on the Trails of Gray page located on this very website. I will still incur expenses in post production as well as the submission fees for all the film festivals in which I'm hoping to screen this picture.

Here's what we've got so far....  a few kick ass location shots featuring my the gorgeous terrain that made up our set and the ultra-awesome cast and crew:

Jeremy Mascia rock sitting... doing some character prep

Kristina Johnson holding for focus.

Cinematographers, Alex Watson and Kingsley Opara bracing themselves for the next shot. The shot that I'm taking with my cell phone.

Taking 5 on the top of a rock.

AND... the Ultra-Awesome cast and crew up in the Santa Monica Mountains: Jeremy Mascia, Kristina Johnson, Colleen Haryung, Alex Watson, Kingsley Opara, Eric Bucklin. Thanks everybody!

While I'm at it.... have to say a few more Thank yous

BIG THANK YOU to Cathy and Larry Haryung, Colleen Haryung, David Arthur Bachrach, Samantha McNally, Renee Provost, Vicente Lopez, Jessica Cadenhead, Marie Acosta, Michelle Acosta, Josh Spiegel, Eric Volkman, Gretchen Willey Reisig, Marcus Munson, Cathy Herzig Wolfe, Simona Berman, Damian Sugrue, Craig William Watson, Keryn Norton Mathas, Dave Huffman, David Herzig, Jennifer Crews, Chris Macrina, Aida Lembo, Jeff Tarleton, Katie Apicella and Steven James Eaton.

Thank you SO much for your support and your generosity. I hope I can make a film that does justice to your kindness.

On a sad note, one of our favorite wineries, the Oakstone Winery, up North, outside of Sacramento, went up in flames the morning of July 7. Seriously tragic news. We were there recently and took home a couple of cases.... probably some of the last cases they sold to the public.

John and Susan Smith opened Oakstone Winery in 1997 in the Fair Play area of El Dorado County, California. Oakstone’s business plan was to sell as much of its wine as possible from the tasting room, and to facilitate that end, they developed a notorious wine called Slug Gulch Red. It became known as “the wine that made mediocrity famous,” and helped to win both fame and awards for the winery.

The wine they made was amazing. They won a shitload of awards. The people are incredibly nice. We served several bottles from their "Obscurity Cellars" at our wedding. People raved about it. Hard to believe, but the whole place was destroyed. Thank God nobody was hurt. Heartbreaking.... but they'll be back

"In El Dorado County:" Fire Burns Down Oakstone Winery, Vintner Smith Vows to Rebuild

OK... on that note... its Monday.... Back to work....

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