It's 10:45AM and I'm sitting here havng a cup of coffee and an egg sandwich at a diner slash coffee shop slash old people eatery called FARMER BROTHERS in Super Awesome Ontario, California.

I gotta make this quick, people. The coffee is okay. The cup is for kids. The Egg sandwich came with lettuce, tomato and MAYO. Weird. Ive never ben served a sausage, egg and cheese with mayo. I can't tell if it was a mistake or they really serve the egg sandwiches that way. Maybe I should ask. Maybe not. I just pulled the side with the tomato, lettuce and mayo off and ate it like an open faced thing-a-majing. It's fine.No need to make a fuss. Like I said, I gotta make this quick. This is one of those places that seems like they use the term "City slicker" on a regular basis. I walked in and asked them if they had wi fi... the staff all kind of looked at each other like I was speaking Chinese. One of them went to ask the manager and he came out and explained that they DID, in fact, have wi-fi. I said "Great... and I'll take a coffee and an egg sandwich." Should have said hold the mayo. Once I PAID for my gourmet meal, the manager decided to SHARE an intimate detail of their wi-fi situation. Its NOT usable between 11:30 and 2:30.

"Ah, good to know," I said, while I put my change back in my wallet and took my tiny sample cup of coffee back to my table.

SO, why am I at the Farmer Boys in Ontario?

I had to drive out here this morning with the illy issimo van to have it stripped. Since the Summer sampling program is ending, they are having all the logos and branding stripped from the van. Apparently the only place they can do this is an hour and half EAST of LA. Apparently it takes like... FOUR HOURS to do. So here I am, looking for a place to sit, get some work done on my laptop, have some coffee and a FREAKIN NORMAL EGG SANDWICH without any MAYO.

Clock is ticking people, I only have another 18 minutes to finish up this blog post.

Looks like there is a MacDonalds down the street that gets good reviews. YES, I just looked up local reviews on MacDonalds. They have wi-fi there.... and coffee. I'll go there and fight the urge to order a Big Mac.

So that GIANTS game sucked last night. Nothing worst than starting of the season with a LOSS to the Mother Beating Cowboys. I have to refer to the Cowboys as the Mother Beating Cowboys because Dez Bryant, their star wide receiver, was arrested a few months ago for assaulting his own Mother.

So all you Cowboys fans out there.... I guess that means you condone that behavior? support that sort of thing, do ya? Beating your own Mother? Is that the kind of company you keep? Apparently so. In my neighborhood that's a big NO-NO. Under no circumstances does one EVER raise a hand to his own Mother. NEVER. EVER. Shame on you Dez Bryant. SHAME....ON....YOU. You deserve to be crushed by a linebacker as you cross the MOTHER BEATING middle on a slant route.

I heard on 98.7 LA this morning that one of my Favorite bands DELTA SPIRIT, originally based out of Southern California (San Diego-ish), has up and MOVED to Brooklyn. What? Come on guys! Why? Thats too far away.

Delta Spirit is a band that Kristen and I kind of discovered together when we first started dating, so they've held a special place in our hearts ever since. Back in OH NINE, I too Kristen to the NOW DEFUNCT Sunset Junction Music Festival. We were perusing all the activities and the different stages when we came across Delta Spirit's performance. We liked it. We liked it alot. We've been following ever since. We drove out to PIONEERTOWN and caught a Delta Spirit show at a cool, desert honky tonk called PAPPY & HARRIETS. That place is awesome. I highly recommend checking it out of you are ever passing between LA and Palm Springs... or Vegas.

I think my time is up.

(To be continued... probably from the Mac Donald's down the street)

OK... Greetings from MACDONALDS in HI-HO Ontario....

I walked about a half mile to get here from Farmer Boys. Trudging through the grass on the side of the road.... because there are no sidewalks.... because Nobody walks in LA.... and this aint even LA.... its "Put A Pillow Over My Face and Put Me Away in my Sleep" USA.... so I made it. I passed on the burgers and fries.... got myself an iced coffee... and BOOM.... back to the blog....

What was I saying?

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