Anybody got a few chickens?

Tuesday.... is it Tuesday? Yes... it's Tuesday.

Hard to keep track of the days.

Still working on coordinating shoot dates between cast, crew and coffee duty. Speaking of doodie, the puppies are doing well. They had a play date with cousin Alfie this weekend and it was "relatively" successful. We had a rough start. At first sight, Mitchell, Whitney and Alfie were all barking like crazy at each other. Then everybody calmed down. We went for a walk up in Griffith park, which was fine. Then we all went back up to our apartment and hung out. Kristen put out some snacks. The puppies and Alfie sniffed around for a while. Everything seemed cool. Later on the pups felt comfortable enough to try and engage Alfie in a round of play, but Alfie is big enough and fast enough to scare the living crap out of both of them once he gets rolling. It didnt take more than a could of quick enthusiastic Alfie moves to send the puppies running for cover. Don't think they are quite ready for that. THEN when we all walked to the elevator to see everybody out, Whitney started getting really chippy and angry with Alfie. She was actually going after him while we waited for the elevator to come up. She was totally fine with him until we walked the hall together. Then she just lost it and started acting like Alfie was the enemy. Not sure what that was all about.

We definitely have some behavioral issues to deal with. Both puppies have started barking at other dogs and sometimes people we come across on the street. Nothing we are doing seems to be working. We are going to start looking into training classes.

Yesterday I received 4 more scripts to produce and direct for the "Day in the Life (of a Transactional Lawyer)" series. So I'm going to get cracking on those right away. There is oe scene between neighbors that will be fun to produce. One neighbor raises chickens and sells the eggs from his home on the weekends, the other neighbor wants him to quit because he says it stinks up the whole block and his kids cant play in the yard.

I gotta find somebody with some chickens. Anybody got a few chickens?

Kristen and I had dinner last night with one of her co workers, Christy. Christy has a little boy named Owen and I wanted to meet him because I'm thinking of casting him in my short film. Owen recently appeared in a "CLUMP-O-LUMP" commercial. Great kid. Very cute. very smart. So I offered him the part.

SO... I think Ive got everybody lined up. Still need coordinate shoot dates.


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