A Happy Place in Hades


Its still REALLY freakin HOT outside. What THA F%%%%!!!!

Thats the thing about Los Angeles. The Summer doesnt really start cookin til September... and then we get a good dose 90 plus days until mid NOVEMBER. It's lovely, really. hard to complain. Southern California still gets the best weather in the country year round, but it's always a little tough to swallow when everyone is getting thier AUTUMN on and we are sweating it all out and praying for coolness.

To top it all off, the apartment complex in which we live is SHUTTING OUT POWER OFF FROM 6A to 3PM tomorrow!!! Seriously. LADWP apparently feels the need to do some sort of maintenance on the property so they scheduled it for SUNDAY... as in NFL OPENING SUNDAY... and did I mention hat is HOT as HADES outside?

Really LADWP and EAVES? You couldnt do this on a TUESDAY?

REALLY... Eaves Los Feliz... part of Avalon communities... that used to be Archstone.... you are essentially kicking EVERYBODY out of their homes on a Sunday? Bullshit man. Bullshit.

We will survive. Bringing my thoughts to a happy place.....

Sailing Sunset Silhouette

I call this photo "Sailing Sunset Silhouettes" shot from the seahores of Southern California. I took this picture down in Redondo Beach last weekend. Kristen and I were walking along the sea wall around seven.

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