5 years in LA? What?


It's Tuesday, September 4th....

Holeeee crapp.

SEPTEMBER? The Summer is pretty much over. My illy issimo gig wraps up this week. FOOTBALL season starts tomorrow. The GIANTS play the Cowboys at home tomorrow night. The YANKEES are currently squirming because they have squandered at 10 game lead at the top of the AL East. September in the MLB means that while the temperature in town tends to drop, the race for the post-season gets HOT.

Actually it stays pretty hot in Los Angeles in September and October. If I have ONE gripe about the weather in LA, its that when Autumn rolls around in Southern Cal, Summer steps up its game and we get another 30-45 days of blistering, ball-busting heat. It kind of sucks. Fall can be such a beautiful season. Cool fronts, Football, back to school. When it's time for FALL, I want Fall... not a 95 degree Friday. Oh well, still nice to have bright sunny, comfortable days 95% of the year. So consider my gripe a small one. A teeny tiny gripe. One you make from the side fo your mouth... to the dogs... who don't quite understand what I'm saying.

I CANNOT believe it's SEPTEMBER already.

You know what else? Wanna know why this September is semi-special?

I moved to Los Angeles from New York City on September 7th, 2007. This month will be my FIVE YEAR anniversary in LA.

Crazy to think its been 5 years already. Crazy to think how my life has changed and the stuff thats happened in the last 5 years.

I think to commemorate my first 5 years here in LA, I'm going to share some of my "Best of" thoughts... based on my own personal experience. Favorite restaurants, bars and neighborhoods. Observations, pleasant surprises and major disappointments. I'll throw some highlights in there and see what else I should try and share.

So stay tuned... I'l see if I can conjure up some useful and insightful information... and maybe even deliver ome slight form of entertainment....

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  • jessie


    nope. no. no no no. no WAY has it been five years. not even possible. no.

    nope. no. no no no. no WAY has it been five years. not even possible. no.

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