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I know... everyone and their second cousin is promoting a film project and asking you to make a donation... it's very hard to keep it all straight. My second cousin is actually NOT involved in this crowd-funding campaign, but if I could speak on behalf of indie filmmakers world-wide: We appreciate you patience and understanding. We simply all want to make something wonderful. We need a little help... and we want you to be a part of it.

Which is why I'm asking you to be a part of THIS wonderful work of art in the making... my film TRAILS OF GRAY. You won't be sorry.

There are 36 Days left to make a contribution and support this project. For $15 You'll get a personal thank-you on Twitter, Facebook, and my website. For $25, You'll get a postcard from Los Angeles, California, signed by the Actors and Director. PLUS multiple social media mentions. For $60, you will receive a spiral bound copy of the script, signed by the cast and crew, PLUS a postcard from Los Angeles, California, signed by the Actors and Director. PLUS, MANY social media mentions (Customized per your request) and your name listed on my website. There are more donation packages available. You can see more at:


I’m producing and directing a short film called “Trails of Gray.” I wrote this piece and I think it has the potential to be a moving and memorable film. I desperately want to bring it to life, but I need your help. I need to raise $6000. That will enable me to assemble a great cast and crew, bring a great band or musical artist on board. Create a fantastic soundtrack and eventually submit to film festivals all over the country... and possibly the world. “Trails of Gray” could be coming to your town.

Please make a donation. Support the journey. Support the arts. Support the vastly and wonderfully evolving world of indie filmmaking. Make a donation, right now, right here, and I will come to your town and buy you a beer. Sometime... later this year.... provided there is a film festival that accepts this film... and you just happen to be near. Don’t sweat it. We’ll make it work.

I'm an actor turned writer, producer, and director. I've been producing and directing corporate films for about 2 years now. I dabbled in the web series world for a while. I created 2 series CATCH and ASPIRING LINE. I’m a consummate student of the game. As an actor, I studied and trained with some of the best teachers in New York. I would do anything to get real stage time. I learned that with every character I played on stage, my confidence grew. I got better and I had a lot more fun. I ended up appearing in 15 stage productions over the course of 10 years. I started writing for the simple reason that I had things I wanted to say. I had stories to tell.. and of course I always felt like I could have done a better job than every script I ever worked on. I only started directing because I like to tell people what to do. Ohhh SNAP! I’m just kidding. I started directing because I felt the best person in the world to convey my message... would be me.

“Trails of Gray” is a short film based on a script I wrote and a concept I came up with while hiking in the Santa Monica mountains a couple of years ago. We were WAY out there... and way UP there, and we sort of got lost, right around sunset and found ourselves on the verge of panic as we tried to navigate our way back to the car in the growing darkness.

So I ended up writing this short film script. In the beginning it was called “Paranormal Peak.” I’ve since decided to name it “Trails of Gray.” What started out as a ghost story evolved into a tale of two people, suffering in hope, coping with loss and a terrible day on the trails of gray. I have to warn you, this movie will be scary.

I CAN’T WAIT to share this story. I’m a storyteller by nature. I’ve always been that way. I get a HUGE amount of satisfaction from telling good stories and eliciting genuine reactions from my audience. It warms my heart. It is always what drives me to be an Director/Actor/Writer. I have so many stories to tell. I have so many movies to make. This is just the beginning.

So I’m turning to my strongest supporters to ask for contributions. In exchange, I’m offering a wide variety of goods and services. Your generosity in this situation is paramount to this picture. By making a donation, YOU have the opportunity to help breathe life into this story and make “Trails of Gray” a reality. C’mon! Let’s make it happen.

Now, to make this happen, and when I “make this happen” I mean do this RIGHT, I must raise the necessary funds to fortify the effort. Those funds would be directed and distributed to the cast, the crew, the editor, the sound designer, the sound engineer, a make up specialist, a production assistant, food to feed everyone while we are shooting and fees for film festivals far and wide.

Your donations are IMMENSELY appreciated. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. I will never forget how your generosity helped make this all happen. I can only hope that I can honor you all by making great films.

Now HOLD ON, before we carried away. I know, some people just can’t contribute... fair enough.... I GET IT... but that doesn’t mean you can’t help. EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS. If you are unable to, or just don’t feel right about making a monetary donation, you can make a huge difference and become a MAJOR player in this campaign and spread the word. Make some noise. Raise the roof. You can share the link to this page with all your friends on Facebook. You can TWEET about it, incessantly. You can post this campaign on your blog or your website. If you don’t have one you can CREATE one, for this ONE specific purpose. It’s easy. You can pin something on PINTEREST. Feature this on FLICKR. Drop it like you give a damn on INSTAGRAM. Push it at a party. Put the pressure on your Pastor. Bake a cake. Cook a steak. Call your congressman (or congresswoman). Every little bit counts and is much appreciated.

(You can always use the Indiegogo share tools!)

That being said, we are truly hoping to reach our goal $6000, but if we can EXCEED our goal, which has been KNOWN to happen, EVERYBODY in the cast and crew will get a bonus. They can all split the surplus as a reward for their hard work.

So I think that about wraps it up. Shooting is scheduled for early Summer and we’ll hopefully start hitting the festivals in the fall. I have most of my crew on hold. Many of whom I’ve worked with before. I’m in the casting process right now. Once I have my two super stars secured, I will post a little video to accompany the pitch. That way, I can better introduce myself and the two main characters of the film.

Lastly... let me just say, the “Trails of Gray” bus is about to roll out. I'd love for you to be on it.

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