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All Natural Deodorant 

Shit works.... it does. Don't be a hater...  its better for you. You just have to APPLY thoroughly. I'm serious. Absolutely. I've used a few different versions of it, but I usually lean towards the stuff from LAFES .... they good products. I almost always have a thing of Tea Tree Oil Roll on stashed in my bathroom.  

I also use the KISS MY FACE brand... the "Liquid Rock" stuff... from time to time. That one works too. the SPORT scent.

Both work quite well... contrary to popular belief. But you have to roll it on right after a shower... apply generously for a good 15-30 seconds under each armpit... and then give it a few minutes to dry. I SWEAR you will be amazed at how well that stuff works. PLUS... its a much healthier option that shlacking a bunch of risky chemicals on to your skin every day.

Now... to be fair and honest... if it's Mid Summer... July or August... and I'm going to be on set or working a long day and I REALLY can't afford any unexpected body odor mishaps... I WILL use some industrial crap... like Degree or Arm & Hammer.... because some days... its not all about YOU....  

if you know what I'm sayin.


Mondays Acting News- dropped by my agent 

Monday. Finally starting to cool off in Southern California. September and October are always the hottest months here and it's still so hard to get used to. After a lifetime of experiencing Fall weather, it's tough to accept 90 plus degrees in mid October. It doesn't REALLY cool off until November. I have some bad news. My agent dropped me this weekend. Ive been working with her for 2 years now and see sent me an email on Friday informing me of her decision. I'm not surprised and I don't really blame her. She has sent me on many auditions and there have been quite a few that I just couldn't get to. Sometimes that's no big deal. Most times a no-show goes unnoticed. But every once in a while, the casting director has the casting assistant cal the agents to ask if a certain MIA actor is indeed coming to the casting. Thats when the agent gets upset. Understandably so. No Shows make the agent and actor look bad. It's been REALLY hard to commit to auditions lately. I've basically been working two full-time jobs.... both of which have been keeping me busy. My production company has been growing, which is a really good thing, so Ive been very busy with that. My job as a Market Manager for "I and Love and You" Pet Care has been expanding and I've been very busy with that. Add to that the level of difficulty of making it on time to auditions in Los Angeles and not driving yourself completely insane sitting in endless stretches of traffic and you can see how my acting life starts show neglect. When I have 3 or 4 things going on in a day and I'm supposed to be in Santa Monica at 3:30PM for an audition, its HIGHLY likely that I'm not going to make it. Being all the way on the west side on the fringe of rush hour means you're going to spend two to two and a half hours getting there and getting back (at least) and that doesn't include the time you spend finding parking and waiting at your audition. Hey, if you are dedicated and driven enough, you'll make EVERY audition and bring your best every time. Right now I'm just unable to do that. I'm not saying that I'm giving up acting. Maybe getting dropped by my agent will inspire me to find other ways stay active. I can still self submit for projects that I find interesting. Plus more than half of the auditions I would get from her were clearly not bookable for me... in my opinion. To be successful as an actor in this town you have to be 100% committed and put the time an energy into your career like any other full time job. Your work doesn't start and end when you are "on set." A persons acting career in this crazy blend or clear and present "work," as well as consistently finding ways to promote yourself. An actor needs to be training or "acting" as mush as possible, to stay sharp and keep the artist inside alive and engaged. A successful actor in LA is always ready to pounce on networking opportunities as well. You have to get out and meet the people that are going to cast you in the next film or TV pilot. Where are you going to meet those people? Who the hell knows! That could happen anywhere at anytime, so you better be out and about on a regular basis, shaking hands and introducing yourself. AND, while every "Larry Dick & Shmo" Actor in Hollywood is trying to do the same thing... YOU have to find a way to stand out... separate yourself from the masses... because there are LOT of actors out there... many of them have no business calling themselves an actor... but they exist... and he or she is standing next to you when you sign in at your next casting session.

So what's in store for Writer/Director/Actor James Huffman.... I'll keep working hard on my budding production business. I'll keep working hard on marketing the heck out this fantastic line of pet food. I'll finish the 2 short films that I'm working on right now. I'll find time to write and keep working on some of my struggling screenplays. I'll submit myself for a film project here and there... try to keep my acting chops in shape. I'll keep paying my SAG/AFTRA dues. I'll keep working on being a good husband, friend and person AND.....

See what happens


Fantasy Football Week 7 Wrap-up-in-Rhyme 

I'm in 3 Fantasy Football leagues this year. One one hand... its takes up 3 times the amount of precious spare time I have ... on the OTHER hand... if I'm losing in one league... I GOTZ to be winning in another... unless I lose in all 3... then I'm 3 times as sad. Anyway, one of the leagues was started by my nephew Casey. He named the league FERARIA and he recruited a handful of next of kin to be in. Its been fun so far. So each week my brother Dave (Casey's Dad) and I take turns writing up a fun little recap for the past weeks match ups. This week it was my turn....

Sorry folks... for the delay on this....
PS: The NFL Fantasy Times does not exist
But I had to Rhyme the Recap. I couldn't resist....
So... THIS just in from THE FANTASY TIMES,
Bringing up to date news from the Feraria front lines
Drooling Dingos WILL NOT LOSE and he's KICKIN our behinds
Jerry D Turned TORNADO. Good show. Helluva try.
The Dingos danced around him even with 2 players on a BYE.
Shameless grabbed the Deer and whispered gently in his ear
"You have much to fear, my deer. I'm sure you sense the end is near
Run away my little Doe, Run away, fast and far.
No one can save you now. Not even Derek Carr."
Deep Whisperer took flight, but something wasn't right.
He turned around, stood his ground, put up a nice fight
Way to go, "Super Doe" You should ride that Pride Swell
You ALMOST pulled it off with a little help from Leveon Bell.
That Doe better make a dash, cuz this Sunday will be a smash
When your dial-up is bufferin, you'll be sufferin SUCKATASH
Suckatash of Silverlake, puttin in work like an earthquake
Improves this week to 4-3, by puttin a whuppin on WW...TD
WHAT would Troy Palamalu do? He'd score MORE than Frank Gore
That dude only had 2
Silverlake Suckatash is climbing the Feraria Tree
Might SS consider changing the name... to ODB (Jr.)?
I hope you understand, its a Fantasy Thang
He could always change his name to become CLUBBER LANG
Clubber Lang beat up on Rocky, got cocky and got popped.
Now Rocky's on a rampage and he will NOT be stopped.
He turns sweetness into sour, he stays clean without a shower
Last week he was a FREAK, took on TRI, shut off his power.
Casey's team looks great, taking spot #8
I heard he's been lifting weights with Antonio Gates
Steel Curtain put a Hurtin on Mom Diggity Doo
She felt the WRATH. Hey, don't laugh...
Next week it might be YOU.
Shout out for the biggest blowout
Thats what I'M talking about
crash the cookie jar, steal a car, and take yourself out
While you're gone, remember Alfatron, she rocked your world on, on on
to the breakadawn
Alfatron Alfatron when is your finest hour?
Why not honor Connor by beating up in Tri-Power?
One victory is good, but 2 might even be better
Lets pray the Panthers will knit Russell Wilson a sweater.
Alfatron is still smarting from the win she ALMOST had.
You just couldnt keep up with big sister MEGA RAD.
Big Bad Bruins, Mega Rad's Dad, also took a beatdown
and man, that was SAD. 
As the Bruins lay in ruins, because Seattle went soft
May I suggest some rest, plenty of coffee and zoloft
So yeah, thats the scoop, I'll try to keep you in the loop.
Stay Classy. Stay Sassy
Enjoy your Fantasy Sunday Soup

"Property in Practice" 

The Official Trailer for "Property in Practice" a video simulation series based on the book "Property Law: Practice, Problems, and Perspectives" by Jerry Anderson and Daniel Bogart. "Property in Practice," brought to you by indie city entertainment, was Produced and Directed by James Huffman... yes, that would be me...

You can visit AspenLaw.com for more details.



Crazy busy lately. All good things.

Hard to create good blog posts regularly these days. I'll try to be more consistent. 

Because I know you're juts DYING to know whats going on.

Coming to a Dog Park Near You 

We been kickin it around in the think tank for months. Now its finally come to fruition. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the "Southern California Super Sampling Street Team" for I AND LOVE AND YOU Pet Care!!!!!

I've been coordinating and collaborating with all the cool cats & dogs from ILY corporate in Boulder since April 2014. Friday, September 5th, we finally geared up and took the field, passing out samples and treats, spreading the gospel of great pet food and other products to dogs and their owners all over Hollywood. We hit up Runyon Canyon, Lake Hollywood Park and Echo Park Lake. Saturday we attended the Strut Your Mutt event at Will Rogers State Park in Pacific Palisades and we were SLAMMED. Wow, that party was MUCH bigger than I had anticipated. We met a TON of great people. many of whom were eager to check us out and excited about our stuff. We also ran into an old friend, "SOPHIA LOREN" the puppy socialite and her owner (who used to be our neighbor). You can visit http://www.littledoginthebigcity.com/ for updates on their adventures.

So we are off to the races. Keep an eye out for us in SoCal.... and yes... we DO take requests.

GREEN FEST LA is next......