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"The One Who Thinks He Can" 

This poem just popped into my head. My head football coach at Ridgewood High School used to read it out loud to the team every week before the game. I don't know if Coach Johnson reads this poem anymore at Friday Night meetings, but the words still visit me from time to time...

“If you think you are beaten, you are;
If you think you dare not, you don't.
If you'd like to win, but think you can't
It's almost a cinch you won't.
If you think you'll lose, you've lost,
For out in the world we find
Success being with a fellow's will;
It's all in the state of mind.

If you think you're outclassed, you are:
You've got to think high to rise.
You've got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.
Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But soon or late the man who wins
Is the one who thinks he can.”

― Walter D. Wintle


High Trails Between Takes... 

We finally got out and resumed shooting yesterday...

" Cordano Russell takes in the scenery over Smugglers Cove while the crew sets up another shot for the short film TRAILS, written/directed by James Huffman."

"Haryung Hill" 

"Haryung Hill" is a video we put together for Larry as part of his retirement gift. Larry Haryung, is a former Science Teacher and Football coach who taught/coached at St. Lawrence Martyr intermediate parochial school in Torrance, CA. He is also my Father-in-Law. He finally called it quits in June 2013 after an amazing 40 year run. This video contains footage from the retirement BBQ held in his honor as well as a slideshow featuring photos of students, faculty and family dating back to 1970. We shot this last year, so Larry is now up to his eyeballs in retirement activities... that being said... HERE IT IS... the finished product....


Morning Page #1,275,014: "Waiting for the World to End" 

Not enough hours in the day. OK? I kick myself in the ass my a morning page PLIE. That's right I said it. I'm referencing ballet... Get it? SO much going on right now between my marketing work with "I and Love and You" pet food (I just got a raise by the way), writing new scripts for my legal publishing client, Producing/Directing a new series for that same client, prepping for an upcoming video series that is green lit and ready to go... AND... negotiating and brainstorming with a potential NEW client. NEW client... that's right. I said it. That's some super exciting SH%%. Somebody actually came across my work via social media and went to the indie city entertainment website and dropped me a note. We coordinated an initial phone chat, threw around some ideas and now we are moving on to a conference call between me and the partners of this clients (potential clients) business. It looks good. Weird coincidence is that when I got on the phone with this guy, turns out not only is he from NJ.... so we talked shop for a few minutes about Jersey, He also went to UNC Greensboro. He was there for his Masters and I only spent my freshman year at UNC-G but still. Not a mind blowing coincidence by any stretch. More like a kooky quirky coincidence. Ice breaker maybe? Just enough to tip the scale? Anyway, I'll let you know how that goes. So yes, busy. I'm in a place right now where I feel like even if I worked all morning, all afternoon and all night.... I still wouldn't have time to get it all done with the expediency I prefer. Thank God I'm not dealing with super strict deadlines. For that I am most grateful. I DID hire an assistant to help me get through some of the pre-production tasks and help me out on set when we are shooting. She has been great but I still feel like there's a shit ton of work to be done. If I didnt have her help, I think my head would have exploded by now. NOT complaining about any of it. Don't get me wrong. I am so happy to have all the work and for things to be growing and expanding. I'm just expressing where my head is at these days and KIND OF explaining why I have been unable to do any thorough blog reports. I can find time to post a few production photos but that's about it. Of course NOW, with all this stuff going on, I'm getting more auditions. And of course NOW, getting to those auditions has become difficult if not impossible. Having a crazy busy day and then getting a call asking me to be in Santa Monica (all the way across town) at 3:45 for a FARMER BROTHERS commercial audition is enough to put you over the edge. I HATE to miss auditions. I HATE to have to turn them down but right now, unless the casting is happening within a 10 mile radius and it wont toss me into the belly of the beast as far as rush hour traffic (which starts promptly at 4, some would say 3), if the climate isn't perfect for a smooth entrance and exit... I just cant make it. I am not missing ALL of them. I am able to get myself to a few auditions, but I just can't be a full time scratch & claw hit the pavement act my ass off Actor. Not right now. Right now I'm writing/producing/directing a series that I'm calling the Property & Tort Report. Six scenes dealing with Property Law and TEN shorter scenes dealing with Tort Law. Lined up NEXT is a new lecture series. The idea is that there will be multiple professors presenting in videos per course area. I am in the process of recruiting Professors/Presenters. We would credit the speaker at the top of the video. Something like "Presented by John Smith, Professor of Law at Loyola." For the time being, we are looking for local professors so I can coordinate a shoot and keep the travel to a minimum (Ie. stay local-LA, OC, SD, Santa Barbara). I may eventually be traveling to different states to shoot professors based on who we recruit to appear in these videos. So that's all good.The Pet Food business is good. I spent a week in Anaheim at the Natural Products Expo with all the principals from the company. Previously I had only met Lindsay, the Marketing Director who flew out to interview and hire me. So I was able to work at our booth during the expo. Set up, break down, get to know all the other folks. It went well. A week later I got a raise and some praise from Lindsay about how impressed everyone was with me and thanking me for doing such a great job so far in SoCal. The line is selling really well in Whole Foods Market, Sprouts and Unleashed by Petco. WITH a raise comes more responsibility. More responsibility comes at a time when I can BARELY handle a boost in my workload. So then there's THAT. Really excited for the 2014 baseball season. Relieved that the Yankees can compete this year without all the A-Rod drama. And we will be seeing Derek Jeter play out his final season. Makes me sad. Makes me happy. Makes me sad. Makes me feel old. Jeter's farewell tour will be 1000 times bigger than last years Mariano Rivera parade. As much as Boston fans don't want to admit, they will be cheering him at Fenway at some point this season. Don't hate. You know its gonna happen. Will be interesting to see if this guy Tanaka (Japanese pitcher) can come in and have an impact... or will he be another Dice K. Although Dice K had some flashes of greatness.... so that might not be so bad. EARTHQUAKE. There have quite a few tremors over the past 2 weeks. Kristen and I felt that 5.1 Friday night. It was a long steady swinging/shaking sensation that wasn't knocking things off of shelves but it was definitely causing things to rattle and lamp shades to dance a little. 45 seconds of lamp shade dancing and we still juts sat there looking at each other... waiting for the world to end. That didn't happen. Thank God. Because I have a TON of shit to do.



Stills from a Film Part 10 

Great shoot last week down at Chapman University in Orange, CA. I'm STOKED. We knocked out another scene from "The Property & Tort Report" inside of a gorgeous appellate Court room. We captured some fantastic performances in an amazing space.... this shot is just a taste....

Great shot of #Actor Andray Johnson on set with indie city last week at Chapman University as "Attorney Kevin Bryant" giving a rousing speech and representing U.S. military veterans. This scene is from an educational video written and directed by James Huffman that is currently being converted into a short film #Army #Marines #Veterans #Combat #Lessons #Law #Shortfilm


The Best Collaborator  

I saw an article being passed around on Facebook and Twitter this morning from Vanity Fair titled "Sam Mendes’s 25 Rules for Directors"


1. Always choose good collaborators. It seems so obvious, but the best collaborators are the ones who disagree with you. It means they’re passionate, they have opinions, and they’ll only ever say yes if they mean it.

BOOM. You had me at 1.

I sat and looked at #1 and scanned across my mental list of colleagues and collaborators and realized something. MY WIFE is a great collaborator. This epiphany is coming off of an impromptu collaboration session we had last night (right before she fell asleep watching TV)

Now, I'm not saying this to butter my wife up or wax poetic on love and marriage. Well, maybe I might. I tend to do that.... but thats only because I love my wife... madly. That's not why I'm writing this. I mean, I'm always showing her samples of stuff I'm working on. She reads my scripts. She looks at headshots. Reads resumes and watches actor clips with me while I'm casting. She is usually the first person that sees a rough cut, hot off the presses from whoever is editing. LAST NIGHT.... I showed her a few rough cuts of scenes that I shot last week and she did what she usually does... she told me what she thought... directly and honestly. Her best feedback is the instant feedback. Not thought out and carefully crafted critiques but the knee jerk reactions. When she shoots from the hip, She nails it. She can be super critical... of anything and everything. and many times it pisses me off. When we go see movies... she is TOUGH on those movies folks. Tougher and less forgiving than I am for sure. And while she is caring and loving and super supporting of everything I do, she is tough on me too. I would LOVE for her to see my work or hear my ideas and simply ADORE everything and tell me how amazing I am. But where's the value in that? She doesn't like something, she lets me know. Even though I often find it frustrating. Even though it makes me want to stomp my feet and throw things and go hide somewhere.

Her collaboration is not as much a proactive contribution of creative ideas as it is a collection of critical reactions. If an actors performance is flat, she calls it out. If she doesn't like the music choice for a scene or an opening sequence, she scrunches up her face and looks at me and shakes her head... slightly but assertively. Like when I come up with a unique outfit for a party or a dinner date. She is the queen of the VETO. She sees an edit that doesn't work, she'll make a quick frustrated sound as if someone just pulled into a parking space she was waiting for or someone cut her in line at the market. Even when she is on set with me, she is watching, observing, interacting with everyone... cast and crew... and let me tell you.... if someone is bringing the wrong kind of energy to my set, my wife is all over that. And that person usually doesn't get hired again. To be fair, she DOES enjoy movies. Good movies. She DOES love my work. In the end she is usually very happy with the end result. I enjoy striving for her approval.

So after reading this article and going back over and over to #1 on this list... I realize how valuable Kristen is as a collaborator. She is passionate. She has opinions and she only says YES if she means it. I actually just fell in love with her a little bit more.



Mini Movie Momentum... 

Looking forward to working with Matt, Wes and Danielle this weekend....



KELLER did something KEWL in SKEWL 

Big UPS to my My little Eleven Year old Nephew, Keller.... and congratulations...


"THIS WEBSITE is my NHD project for 2013/14. It ties in with 'Rights and Responsibilities' because it discusses what rights kids have to watch certain PG-13 movies and what responsibilities parents have to make sure their child is watching appropriate content. It also has information about the rights and responsibilities of the association that rates movies. I chose this topic because it was a fun topic idea and the PG-13 rating movies vary. If you are wondering why I only did one rating it is because I am a one-man team and I wanted to explore one rating in depth."

Awesome job if I don't say so myself. One note though... what ge should have (COULD have) done was put an "About Me" section in there that shows a picture of him, a quick and easy bio and maybe what his favorite movies are... just a thought...  For example...

"Hi. My name is Keller Englebert Huffman. I like to dance, sing and climb things. I pick my nose occasionally and sometimes I forget to wear pants. I take my movies very seriously. Unless they are funny. Then I'll just laugh like everybody else. Some of my favorite films are FROZEN, BAD MILO, TROLLHUNTER and AIRPLANE. The picture here is me a few years back when I was wild and young. I'm much older and refined now."